Hello there! My name is Stina, and I'm a tall Swede living in Stockholm. You can often find me on long walks in the forest, or improvising dinners on the fly. Occasionally I'll get the ukulele out for a tune or two.
I've been part of the animation world since 2009, when I spent three years studying 3D animation at what was then known as Gotland University (now Uppsala University). Since then I've been fortunate enough to work as a 3D and 2D animator in various exciting projects, learning new skills with each job.
Nowadays I'm a freelancer and soon graduate of the Motion Creative program at Hyper Island. If you're interested in knowing more, shoot me a mail at hello@stinabob.com!
Here are a few words from former colleagues and clients:
"I was Stinas teacher around 2010-2012 at the animation program at Uppsala University where she showed a great talent for animation and a natural understanding of storytelling. 
Since then I have also had the opportunity to work with Stina at Plotagon where she has been animating and making films to promote our mobile app. Stina is easy to work with and she is very focused on finding a good solution to any problem or task she is assigned. She has a very good knowledge of the technical aspect as well as a nice personality, which can be a good combination for any non-tech production manager :)"
- Maria Sandberg, Project Manager at Plotagon

"Stina is a very kind and helpful colleague, easy to get along and work with. While working together at Plotagon, she has been one of those reliable, organised people that keeps track of things and provides good support wherever she is able."
- Johanna Röjås, Senior Technical Artist at King