Studi - Educational Platform
I worked with Studi from January 2017 to July 2018. I produced 40+ 5-minute lessons using After Effects. In the example above I assembled and animated all of the art assets.
During my time at Studi I also created a whole new character system to make rigging them a smooth and effective process. I used Duik to create a template rig that combined shape and Illustrator layers. This gave us a flexible rig where we could easily switch out the clothes for a character, borrow items and animations from other characters, or change the look of a character without having to go through Illustrator.
The above animation is particularly dear to me. Studi collaborated with RFSU on a series of animations around sexual health and culture. This animation tells the story of a woman who went through a female genital mutilation, and it was a challenge to tell her story with all the subtle emotions and limited animation controls.
1:40 - 2:57 was animated by Sanny Vestmalm.